Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spring is here!

The trees are blooming, the daffodil's are bright and beautiful, my anemone's are lovely. It's so fun to see Spring on it's way. 

I'm busy preparing for the craft stall for our annual school fair in October. I'm immersed in making bags, Barbie clothes, felt food, capes, placemats and coasters, tie hats, tutu's, helmets, and just recently finished 30 aprons! I'm on a roll.

And importantly, I finally tidied up my art space so I can actually utilise the area properly. I've tackled the mountains of paper that can so easily accumulate; chucked and shredded and filed. Still have more to do there but Yeah! for getting started!

I guess I'm Spring cleaning. 

I need to find a job or some work. I've felt so unsure about how to do this. It's been years since I've actually worked. I often think about starting up an online business selling my stuff but perhaps lack the chutzpah to really pull that off. I probably wouldn't make much extra money anyway. (see, there I go shooting myself in the foot before starting). But I do need some income. We have had so many extra expenses this year for our son, it's really cutting in to our savings for our house deposit. I feel quite intimidated by this. I just don't know where to start.

And lastly, a cat has been visiting us. It seems he wants us as his family. He comes every day, several times a day. The bubster just loves him. We are not allowed pets in our rental, which I always think is so mean. We are decent, tidy people and know how to take care of an animal properly. But when I asked last year if we could have a pet, our owner said no. Our son really needs the companionship of a friendly pet. This cat, who we've called Whitely (he's white), is so friendly, eager and chatty. He's lovely. It's another reason to get our house built as soon as possible, so we can be free from the landlords!!!

Whitely, the neighbours dog Otto, and the Bubster.


ines said...

hey Karin, good to ear spring has sprung though it does mean, autumn is here, here...

On having a cat, don't think you have to worry about that, because generally speaking cats have you instead of you them, so if this beautiful white feline decides to hang around you can tell the landlord, "he's not ours, we seem to be his though". And leave it at that. Just let him come and go as he pleases. There are no rules in your lease about denying him access, on the other hand your landlord needs your permission to come in :-P


Karin said...

Hi Ines!

Gee it's good to see you. I hope you have been doing well. Yes, Autumn for you all. But that is pretty too.

You are so right, Whitely has chosen us that is for sure! And yes, the landlord needs our permission! LOL

Robin Norgren said...

Hi there, popping over from Blogtoberfest!

Lotti said...

Found your blog through Blogtoberfest .... I say go for it and do something selling your things online. Don't regret not doing it when you really want to.

Lis said...

I know exactly what you mean about looking for work, I am in the same position at the moment, I also "shoot myself in the foot" on a regular basis about selling my own things. Good Luck with the job hunting :)