Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The wonder of Gumtree

Isn't it wonderful how one can meet new, like-minding people simply by selling on one's used items? This is what happened to me yesterday. 

To go back a bit, I've been methodically going through items that we no longer are using and preparing them for their next home. I enjoy having the opportunity to love and cherish these things for the last time. I wash, polish, make minor repairs or simply dust them. I want them to look their best. Then I photograph them in the way I want to remember them.

Countless memories have been embedded into these items, memories like:

~ This bike trailer pulled my oldest back and forth to school every day. He would fall asleep on the way home. Sometimes we'd stop and pick up a few things at the shops. Many a stick rode in this trailer.

Early morning ride to school

~My youngest learned to balance and ride on this terrific blue balance bike. Thank goodness I have video.

~ The boys played in this fort every day. My oldest learned to swing by himself on the long swing. It's hard to let go but the money will help us make new memories on new adventures.

The fort in action

And there is the pram, the trike, the shadow rider, the child's workbench, the bike rack, the clothes.....etc. Plus all the many items yet to come. 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of selling on our beautiful wooden doll house to a wonderful family who will love and cherish it. Not only was it lovely to know that the doll house was going to a good home, but I enjoyed meeting this mum so much. We found we had much in common and had a very lovely conversation about schooling, parenting and art. 

When I first began selling things on Gumtree, I thought it was simply about getting things out of the house. I hadn't reckoned on the added bonus of connecting with people within my community who I might otherwise have never met. It's been good. :-)

The dolls house


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