Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's a beginning

Ok, I finally decided to join the band wagon and do this blogger thing. So, here I am. Hi.

For anyone who doesn't know me, my name is Karin and right now I am a stay at home mum, although that isn't the sum of me (despite my title). I used to be many other things in the past. Maybe one day I will write about those things.

I am also a bereaved parent. When people ask if our living son is our first I say, "He actually has an older brother and two older sisters who have died", and then I see where we go from there. Sometimes we go somewhere, other times we don't. Either way is ok. Now it's ok, that is. I'm able to flow. Now. Not always. At times my emotional creek bed could get very clogged with decaying words and comments, tossed out by others in a seemingly cruel and random way, in the name of Help. Platitude Detritus. It can really pile up. I'm much more able to circumvent these sink holes now. Keep flowing. That's my mantra.

This is my little place for just any old thought which could pertain to any old thing or nothing at all. A place that is about the moment. Maybe it will all be nonsense and rubbish. Maybe I won't end up having the extra time. Or maybe I will. Maybe it's just the ticket for organizing my thoughts. Maybe my day will work better because I'm blogging (I can dream right?). Who knows where this will go. It's a beginning. One of many beginnings going on right now.


Paquito said...

Well, then "Welcome to the Blogosphere!" :-)

I think blogging will allow you to say things you usually keep for yourself... It's like a theraphy, but for free :-)

Other curious effect of blogging is that you can receive visits from people or places you would never believe :-)

I think I'm going to visit you more often... Keep blogging and good luck for all the things you are going to do :-)

Kind regards from the other side (literally) of the World: Spain :-)


Karin said...

Thanks for visiting! I will check out your blog too.

I'd like to keep this blog stuff up. I'm not totally convinced that this is how I should be spending my time but I like it nevertheless.

I find it challenging that there are so many things yet to accomplish in life and I only have half a century (or so) left. LOL