Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To do list

As boring as it is, here goes:

1. Write 'Life Story' for adoption application. Where does one begin? "It was the best of times...."
2. Go through adoption pack to make relevant appointments. (ugg)
3. Finish curtain for Magnus' room. How hard could this be?
4. Continue tidying the paper trail. (damn where does it come from?)
5. Finish the New Doll. Needs hair of some sort.
6. Decide about Lantern Walk for Magnus and friends. Finish the damn lanterns.
7. Repair tie on Great Aunt Tilly's vintage jacket. (only taken well over a year..........)
8. Hem pants. All of them.
9. Sort out Magnus' things to sell.
10. Get onto the Montessori school stuff.
11. Get onto the garden.
12. Call Marcus about the nighttime gnawer taking up residence in our ceiling/walls.
13. Try to remember to look at this list so I can remember.

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