Thursday, July 12, 2007

Finished Sailor Boy!

I'm very pleased to say that I finished one of my items on my to do list! Whew! Yeah!! Sailor boy in now finished. He needed a hat, face and a shirt so I just sat down in the evenings and whipped them up in a few days. I really like how the sailor shirt turned out.

I followed the pattern for the sailor in this book, Toys to Knit by Tracy Chapman. This book is so much fun. I really want to make the monkey from it. I've made two dolls so far and some of the clothes and a few finger puppets.

With Sailor Boy I just used up old scraps of wool that I had knocking around the place so he isn't made from fantastic quality stuff. Nevertheless, I think it's good to whittle away at my collection, great or not! I want to make him a wardrobe, using the patterns as a jumping off point.

Yesterday, Sailor Boy spent the day in bed, struck down by an illness of some sort. My 2 year old had to give him his medicine through a bent up old straw, poor dear. He recovered enough to have his photo taken.

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