Saturday, July 28, 2007

Here we go

I found some photos taken by my dad when I was around 8 years old. I had scanned them a few years ago but I will need to redo them to improve the definition.

With Soren's birthday, I've been wondering what an 8 year old looks like. How big are they? Eight is such a powerful age. I remember my life very well from that age; it seems to be an age of consciousness.

So, in honour of Soren's 8th birthday, this is what an 8 year old looked like in the 70's! I'm sure he would have found these amusing.

These were both taken the summer before I turned 8 years old. First one is me lighting snakes on the 4th of July with my cousin Colin. Second one is me with my sister, Peggy at one of our famous family picnic's - aren't we lovely? The swimming costume I'm wearing is from the 50's. My love of vintage developed early!

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