Saturday, July 28, 2007

Schools and moving

In some round about way that can only happen on the internet, I was doing a search on cubby houses and ended up at this interesting website for this school in Canberra, Blue Gum School. How cool is this school!

I've been researching our options for the best educational approach for our 2 year old and have been leaning quite heavily towards a Montessori education. I'm also very interested in Steiner education. Between them, we feel our son's personality and drive to learn may fit better in a Montessori classroom experience. But really, it's just a toss of the coin - I like them both for very different reasons.

And now, here I find out that there are other alternative educational approaches besides these two formalized ones! Blue Gum School is what is called a "Slow School". Like the Slow Foods movement, which started as a protest against the fast food industry, the Slow Schools movement resists the proliferation of standardized testing as a marker of excellence over true understanding.

You can read about it here: Maurice Holt; Slow Schools.
Another: Article in The Age 2004.
And also here: Center for Ecoliteracy; Maurice Holt.

This is the first time I have ever heard the term Slow Schools. I've heard of Experiential Education but not Slow Schools. I am very intrigued and am excited to learn more. I will post what I learn about the Blue Gum School. I've emailed for more information. Perhaps we will move to Canberra for good!

It's still entirely possible to learn something new every day!

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Paquito said...

I agree with the last sentence (we ALWAYS learn something new everyday).

Regarding the school, it seems quite interesting... Pedagogic approaches are evolving and I think it's a good sign to find places where they show other paths to educate are possible :-)

Nice post :-)