Friday, August 31, 2007

Lovely Spring Day

It's a lovely spring day today here in Sydney. Beautiful. Bub and Dad are off at the park so I have a few minutes to myself. I think I will do some yoga and then think about dinner; probably lamb chops with some salad and some turnip and potato mash. We keep getting these turnips in our organic vege box. But what the heck do you do with a turnip? I'm learning.

Here is one of my anemone's. My bulbs are all coming up very nicely. The daffodil's have finished now but now we get to enjoy the anemone's and poppies. Ah.............

Well, Crunch Studio Yoga is waiting for me in our DVD player.


Paquito said...

Nice picture and really cool story (it shows you know how to have a great life :-))...

Sounds really great :-)

Regards from Spain,

Paquito's World

Karin said...

Hi Paquito! Nice to see you. :-)