Friday, March 7, 2008


We've moved recently! Really, it takes an enormous amount of time to settle - especially when one doesn't want to do any of the work! Slowly, we are getting there. Slowly. Our 3 year old has been launching some patience testing tantrums of late too. I feel fairly worn out afterwards and don't feel like doing a damn thing. Zippo.

But plans are forming for around the place. There is enough space in the "meadow" (what the bubster calls the back yard) for a chicken run. I'd love to have some chooks even though I've never in my life had any! Just thinking about those eggs has me going..........

And I've been searching the internet for second hand cubby houses. I'd love for our son to have a place of his own in his "woods" (what he calls the small clump of trees outside our back door). I envision us having our afternoon snack out there in his cubby. Fun. And perhaps such fun could halt the tantrums? Who would want to tantrum when they have their very own lovely house!! (I can dream right?)

Then, hopefully, I can use part of the garage as a painting studio. I'd love to get back into some work again. The garage itself needs lots of work and of course, there seems to be a family of Huntsman spiders living in there. Just lovely. I love it when they run across your foot or something when opening the garage door. Brilliant.

On the spider front, there are a few Redbacks around (another great thing about having chooks - they eat them) and I've had to check over very carefully any toys that have been left outside. Ideally of course, I'd like those toys put away for the night! Wouldn't that be a dream! But in order to provide the right incentives for that, I need to provide the right container into which the toys can live. Should be easy then.

The other thing I hanker to find is an Autoharp. I'd love to just be able to pluck out a few tunes to sing. Our boy loves music and I want to provide plenty of outlets for that. I'd been searching the internet for second hand pianos but they seem scarce. I could always rent one but had in mind one of those old church pianos - a bit run down but still playable. Currently, he has a Ukulele and is loving that. His favourite CD is by Peggy and Pete Seeger - American Folk Songs for Children - compiled by their mother. "Yonder she comes singing howdy howdy doooo......." I love it! It would be so much fun to sing along to these. I must get the accompanying song book.

I've been hauling The Bubster to and fro in our new snazzy bike and trailer combo. We went bike wild and bought exceptionally nice bikes. Now we are all caught up in cool 'bike bling' for our bikes. The bub sits in his trailer with his ukulele and harmonica and strums or pipes out a few tunes on the way. It reminds me of those scenes in The Triplets of Bellville where the grandma rides behind in the trailer with the whistle, keeping the pace.

Will have to post photos, but will have to download them to do that! And also, I've been focusing on knitting again, trying to finish this incredibly tedious pullover for our son, that he won't wear since he hates knitted garments! I'm trying to change that!!! Will have to show photos of that.

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