Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our afternoon

My 3 year old and I decided to make some pizza. We do this from time to time. He loves to roll out the dough. Here he is:

After we made pizza, I was instructed to make some playdough so he could keep cooking. LOL So I did. Ask and ye shall receive!!!


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Hey Karen

I realised that I hadn't responded to your question about how This is... works.

So basically it is a meme. Betty has a good post today on what a meme is. To play along I visited and asked if I could join in. Three Buttons asks someone who is playing to pick the theme each week and then you just play along. Three Buttons also regularly asks if people want to join in. I just asked though and was welcomed with open arms.


layniac said...

Hey Karin! So sool to "see" you again. Rachel loves to help me cook too. Fun! Sounds like you are getting settled into your new house. We have lived in ours nearly 3 years and the kitchen is still not painted and the potting shed is not yet a playhouse.......I do have my painting stuff set up in the basement though. I put my most recent "work" (LOL) on my blog today. Fun fun!

Jennifer Howard said...

I really enjoy your blog also! I've added you to my list of Mamas. Beautiful photos!
Jennifer aka Montessori Mama