Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meaning to share this guy

Here is a doll I made for Magnus from a kit, found at Weir Dolls and Crafts.

I chose a pre-made body and a pre-made head so I could see the construction. All I had to do was stuff and sew together, embroider face and make some clothes. Pretty easy!! It's heaps cheaper than purchasing a Waldorf doll from a doll maker here in Australia. And I got to see how it was made so I can make one of my own from scratch (someday.....before Magnus' 21st party....).

There are some great patterns out there for free. I'd love to take the time to work one up. It's all about time hey! I found this pattern - Wool Stuffed Doll - last year that seems very similar to the Weir doll construction.

Here's another of Magnus' new friend. I like his friendly face.

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Julie said...

what an adorable son! Love the blonde locks. I'm flattered that you linked to me on your side bar. We're in this motherhood journey together, sista!