Saturday, April 5, 2008

A small gem

Just want to get this down. My 3 year old told me last night as he was kissing me good night and having some yummy cuddles in the dark, "Mummy. I really love how your thoughts think."

Gee. Could my heart burst more fully????? Just big big smiles all around. Gosh...........

That's better than tonights question, asked by some 9 year old at the playground, "Are you his grandmother or his mother?" Sheesh!!! I know I'm portly and old but dang!

I think I will hang onto, "I really love the way your thoughts think", instead.


Jennifer Howard said...

It is you who is the Gem. I love your blog and this post made me smile from ear to ear. It's about taking a moment to cherish the little things isn't it?

Karin said...

Thank you Jennifer! I still smile when thinking of that comment. It is so much about taking that moment, cherishing the little things. I hang onto that with my fingernails sometimes, when the going is rough!! Thanks for reading.