Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Birthday parties

We are starting to get invited to birthday parties in our new surroundings, thanks to Montessori Preschool! I'm really glad that Magnus is making some friends. It was so hard here at first for him. So, thus begins the activity of present shopping. I reckon that 4 year old boys have more than enough trucks and cars. Right? So, I'm going for a different approach. Often, I like to give musical instruments - the real thing, not the toy versions. We gave one new friend a collection of really cool percussion instruments and our nephew received a small African drum this year for his birthday.

Today though, I saw this:
A lovely little pencil box. Very inexpensive too! I personally would like one. I think it is perfect. I would have loved this as a child, especially as I was already drawing perfectly proportioned 5 legged horses on the wall at age 3! Imagine being able to hold all your tools in such a handy little box?So I purchased some watercolour pencils for the box and some paper so he can get to work immediately. I hope the birthday boy likes it!!


Kerrie said...

Beautiful gift Karin, thrilled that Magnus is making friends and being invited to parties...poor little possum was having a tough time of it for a while there, wasn't he..??

Matilda has always had a number of (black cover) visual arts diaries on the go for her drawing. I love to be able to have her drawings all together and to look back on how her skills have developed through the years. The other advantage I have found with these books is that the paper is qood quality, great for framing and you are able to remove one page without mucking up the rest of the book. The smaller ones are also transportable and I lived with one in my bag as well as pencils/textas for times when we went out for coffee. We also have little notes we have written in then, stories and games of Hangman...lovely to look back on.

Suse said...

That pencil case is lovely, and thankyou, you've just reminded me my youngest has a party invite for tomorrow. I would've remembered tonight, late, otherwise.

Karin said...

Thanks you two. :-)

Kerrie, I forgot - Magnus has journals too. I purchase one for him and one for me. :-) That would make a nice addition to this pencil case! I didn't think of it at the time, my mind was doing it's one track thing. Thanks for the reminder and idea!