Monday, May 5, 2008

Recent purchase

Got this hank of wool on the weekend from a stall holder, Marion Price, at the Collector Village Pumpkin Festival. I thought it might make a fun pair of gloves or socks for the bubster. The colours are incredibly vivid. Her knitted items were just beautiful. All the wool comes from their own flock of sheep and she shears, cards, spins, knits and dye's everything herself. That is one busy lady. I always feel such admiration for people who can accomplish so much with their time. It's obvious that she loves what she does and is very good at it. I love it. And am a little jealous. Although I wouldn't even know where to begin if it were me!!

The festival was fun, although I must say, they could use a Halloween lovin' North American to carve their pumpkins! It's a cute little town too. Tiny. I want to return for a wander.

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Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

That is beautiful wool. How cool that the lady does the whole process herself. That is really quite special.

You are right about the pumpkin carving. I lived in the USA and really enjoyed the Halloween traditions over there.