Saturday, May 24, 2008

So I knitted these, thinking this would be a no brainer project - wool slippers that you felt in the washing machine. How easy peasy! I found the pattern at All Fiber Arts.

Well, they haven't felted up. They've been through the washing machine 3 times but no felting. They are made from lovely wool that I purchased in NYC from Wooly Hill Farm. Maybe I need a dryer? We don't have one and I reckon the desire to felt slippers is not a suitable criteria for My Charming Lad to run out and purchase one.

I wonder what I need to do differently? Anyone out there who might know?

Also, for all you mums at home, how do you manage to get housework done as WELL as making things?? I of course, would, by FAR, prefer making things over housework. But I suppose someone needs to clean the mold off the shower wall.................. Anyone?


Kerrie said...

Just wondering Karin...did you use a yarn that is machine washable..?? If it's designed to cope with machine washing it may not felt up like it's supposed to.

I adore the slippers and am going to dig my wool scrap bag out and give them a go. Despite it being 24 degrees through the day it still gets chilly here at night and our house is all feet get very chilly. Will let you know how I go with felting them.

Lissy said...

Hi Karin,
I am inspired. One day I might even learn to knit!!!!
I'm going to go clean up the kids area & do something arty I think!?
I got my local library to buy The Creative Family by Amanda Soule so I'll go get some ideas from that too.
Bless you.

P.S. Be quiet about lovely sunny Queensland Kerrie!!!!!! It's freezing here.

Mama J said...

Drastic temperature changes are what cause wool to felt. Try some scalding hot to icy cold and back again--that might do the trick. Maybe boiling them? What a bummer to knit up such a cool project and then not be able to get the yarn to cooperate!!

The very best thing that you could ever get for yourself in the way of cleaning gear is a hand held steamer. That mold will be off of the shower in five minutes flat, no joke. No scrubbing either. It disinfects, cleans ANYTHING (think oven, fridge, bathroom) and you seriously don't have to even touch anything cootie-like. At all. Well, ok, I guess you have to wipe it up with a towel, but it's a small price to pay. Just be careful around the wee one--it is steam after all.

Good luck with your adorable slippers and thanks for the cloth diapering support!! Julie

Kate said...

I have no advice on felting - still yet to try it, but love the pattern and colours. I hope you get it to work.

Karin said...

Thanks guys! Much appreciated! I'm stoked to get so much feedback!

Mama J, I think the idea of boiling then plunging into cold water sounds like a good one. I'm going to try that next. And the idea of a steamer to clean is truly awesome. It's the bathroom that doesn't get touched. (much)

Kerrie, I too wondered if it was washable wool (once I discovered they didn't felt!) but I don't think so...........I bought it so long ago but have never found the right project for it. It's one of those weaknesses of mine; to purchase then ruminate and procrastinate.

Lissy, I'm going to check out that book - I've seen it I'm sure.

And Kate, thanks for commenting!!

chrismo said...

I have a chart for chores and projects. I love charts and schedules. I don't follow them, but I love making them and hanging them and looking at them (or for them). But the theory is if I get some work done then I won't feel bad about taking time for projects. So like Monday is Kitchen day, Tues is Bathroom day and so on and I supposedly do at least 3 chores in that room that day. Hmmmm I must look for that last schedule chart I made.....