Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is......my favourite travel memory.

The bubster meets Father Christmas in Paris!

I've just joined the meme, "This is...", hosted by Three Buttons. Each week, one participant of the meme will chose the theme. This weeks theme, chosen by Hila, is 'my favourite travel memory'. What a great one! I'm having a hard time choosing just one though!! Maybe I can cheat???

Because the man of the house is an academic, we've been fortunate to be able to travel with him to meet with his co-authors. There have been a few really great trips because of it. The week in Venice springs to mind and I have loads of beautiful memories and photos to go with that awesome trip.

But if we are going to talk about all time favourite memories, probably my most favourite travel memory(ies) are with the bubster; in particular, showing him off to all the friends and family who have wished, waited and wanted so hard for us to have him in our family. I've picked a few (ha ha, a few??) photos from a 7 month Sabbatical trip to the states and to Europe. Many are landscapes. I love seasonal change. Enjoy!

Trees in summer, South Dakota - Trees in Autumn, NY.

Minnesota summer.

A couple of my favourite family photos- note the cardigan! Autumn at my Aunts in NY.

Halloween in Virginia! Yeah for Halloween!!

The bubster taking his first solo steps while in a playground in Dublin.

inebleau, France. We stayed here for about 2 1/2 weeks, right before Christmas. Kieron was working with a coauthor at Insead and the bubster and I had our days to ourselves. This was such a magical morning. The Bubster and I went out for a walk in the stroller to immerse ourselves in the fog around the grounds of the Chateau de Fontainebleau. I love winter.

Some would say, gee it's too bad you were there in winter instead of summer. But I love winter. I love the colours of winter - the muted tones, the ease with which one's eyes can focus. I love the bare trees, their naked forms showing their line and shape. I also like the sound of winter, the snap of twigs, the crunch of leaves, perhaps if lucky, snow underfoot.

The bubster getting warm in our bed and breakfast.

We headed on to New Zealand after France to spend Christmas with family. All in all, an awesome traveling experience! Can't wait to do it again!!


Hila said...

These photos are stunning! My favourites are the Fontainebleau ones - I love the way the building reflects on the water.
I'm on my way to becoming an academic too (only a few months till I submit my thesis - eek!), so hopefully this will mean many more travels. I love the excuse of conferences!
Glad you liked this week's theme :)

Hila said...

Oh by the way, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - yours is great too!

Unknown said...

So I FINALLY subscribed to this yesterday (ahem...) and what comes up on my reader today but a picture of you guys with us :D And you're not going to believe this, but I was in that playground for the first time since on Saturday just gone! I was sitting on the same bench watching seany play and thinking of our little men together.

So there - serendipity, huh? :)

Juddie said...

Oh! A woman after my own heart! I have oodles of travel memories and photos too, and I particularly love (and photograph)the moments spent in beautiful landscapes.

Having lived in the northern hemisphere for many years, I also miss the dramatic seasonal change - am in the process of convincing my hubby to move back to Europe with me :-)

Love your pics...

Kerrie said...

Beautiful pics Karin, such great travel memories. Babies are so portable when they are that age, aren't they..??

The photo of Magnus with the leaf is one of my favourites...amazing how much amusement and excitement one little leaf can bring. It made me think of a series of snaps I have of Matilda doing much the same thing. Must dig them out & scan them one day.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Great photos and so many fantastic destinations. I'm glad you're joining This Is.

Your comment on my post This Is...My Pets still has me laughing every time I read it. I wonder when Master's said cat is going to be arriving.

Anastasia said...

what gorgeous photos!! we've only done one overseas trip with the boys...cant wait to plan more, babies are so easy to travel with, toddlers a little more challenging ha...right now we're happy driving up the coast for a few days of fun!