Monday, June 16, 2008

This is...........the space in which I create

My lounge. It seems to be the spot of choice lately.

Another great theme! Although I'm afraid my spaces are not as I'd like them to be. I will get there - one day! I don't have a separate space for myself as of yet, so I do my sewing at the kitchen table and my knitting on the lounge. Pictured above is a doll I'm making.

I'm currently set up like this as of this morning:

At least there is a rose in the background right? Would love love love a new machine. Ah well. It works so that's what matters.

And below are a few bags of supplies that need a better spot but for now, they are beside the lounge! And when I want to just sit in nature and reflect on the colours or the birds or the sounds of the breeze, I come here! We are newish to this house so I'm afraid there is no glorious garden to behold but the tree stumps work well for me!

A plan of mine is to set up the 2 car garage so that I can spread out but I need a table in there. I also then could get my paints and drawing utensils out and get to work painting and drawing again. The bubster and I could while away many an afternoon that way.

This weeks theme is by Michelle at Quilting Mick.


Jacinta said...

Like you, I have limited space, but it seems we manage to create despite it! And isn't it nice that you can escape outside and sit in your trunk circle!
You have an amazing story (profile). Good to see you are working on more art and craft again and you are all doing well.

Anastasia said...

lots of lovely light in your sewing area! nice!
i too would love a little studio oneday...

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

The garage idea sounds like a lovely one. Hope it happens one day.

Maureen Reynolds said...

Your own little Stonehenge. Looks like a special space to me.