Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gave it a whirl

Cat, over at Big Cat's Emporium, made a lovely crochet hook case which inspired me so much that I decided to get my sewing machine revved up for a little case action too. So, here is my case!

I've been wanting to make a pencil or paintbrush roll case for a while. I just used what I had knocking around the joint (I've got a few big tubs of odds and ends)

I think the next one will not be so big, nor will the pockets be as narrow (for ease of use for little 3 year old hands). I've also been considering a double decker pocket arrangement.

There will be a spring fair at the bubster's school and I've got to get going on some things for that. I was thinking this could be a possibility with a little bit of fiddling on design.

Well, all you incredible makers of incredible things out there ought to find this a little bit amusing anyway. :-)


Kerrie said...

Karin, you brought back so many memories. My Mum used to make something similar for fairs & fetes. Her design was almost identical but she turned them into little aprons for 3-4 year olds and like you mentioned the pockets were a little wider for ease of use by little fingers.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

That design is great. I love it. I love the fabrics you used. They look great together.

CurlyPops said...

That looks fantastic...great job!

kate said...

That is really cool! I wish i could sew lol.

Lissy said...

Karin, you are so clever...looks great.

Wishing your son Soren was in your arms today also.
Thinking of you...
Much much love dear friend,

wee-ve said...

It's just what I need. Daichi is keen on drawing airplanes recently. We often ro to an Air and Space Museum then spend for many hours...

Jennifer Howard said...

I love this too!
I'm going to give it a try myself and then I'll link back to you.
Thanks for all your kind words on my blog. I love the story about the book you found. I wish Soren was with you physically also, I know he is always with you.

My little one (2yrs) follows his 10 year old brother around and it can be very cute to watch. Although the bigger of the two sometimes gets annoyed by having a 'shadow' follow him about.
I know one day he'll miss it though.
Thank you as always, for sharing your life with all of us. My life is blessed to connect with such an amazing person. I really appreciate your posts!
Thank you,