Friday, July 4, 2008

The weeks been a bust

Well, it is friday and for sure, this week has been a bust. The entire week was spent indoors being unwell. Wednesday was spent entirely on the couch watching Playhouse Disney with my son. Holy crap there are some wacked out kids programs!! I did really like Dan Zane's house party segments though. I would like to be in that house singing 'All around the kitchen cockadoodle doodle do" as well! I also enjoyed "Are We There Yet?", a Canadian travel show aimed at preschoolers. Very sweet. I love seeing little kids with a love and joy for traveling.

Yesterday was much better and today we got out and had a mostly normal day. The bubster went to preschool for the final day before school holiday's start. We learned that half his class has been out sick this week. So we aren't the only ones. We also received an email informing us that 3 students had come down with Influenza at the bubster's school. We are to watch for high fevers.

We actually haven't seen a doctor. I called the after hours number the first night but it's been fairly run of the mill since then. His fever subsided after 2 days. Although, tonight he had a slight temperature. (37.6) And he vomited his dinner after choking on it. Then decided he wasn't hungry after all. Although I'm sure if I were to have offered him chocolate cake he would have found some room.

So, it seems like school holidays will be a welcome break for everyone. Maybe we can escape the Influenza. I hope so. I don't want that worry.

I had hoped to search through my favourite blogs for creative projects for the little tyke but another day for that. And I hope I can get back to blogging. And knitting - that's been shelved this week as well!


Lissy said...

Hey guys. Hope you are starting to feel a little better now?
My email just bounced so had to come here to wish you a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love to you & Keiron...

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

It doesn't sound like it has been much fun. I hope you are all recovered by now.