Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Poo talk

Pasta with tomato, mushroom and cucumber

I have too many ideas and can't settle on a few things for the bubster's school fair craft stall. Now I'm making felt food. It's been great fun actually. I'm really liking this. I see the potential.

The other day, I asked the bubster what he thought of my tomato slice. He said:
"That one looks like a 'tutcumber' (cucumber), that one looks like poo on a tutcumber and that one looks like a toe MA toe.......with poo on it." Then he presents me with his cheeky, dimpled grin:
"Gee, by golly, that 'don't sound too good there, big fella'." Hmmm.

Or does it?? It's hard to know coming from the 3 year old male mind. Poo does feature heavily in many a conversation. Whether you want it to or not.

Yesterday, he kept asking daddy if daddy knew why he (the bubster) was 'walking funny'. No idea. He stubbed his toe badly the night before, could that be it? No. "Do your legs ache??" No. "Are you sore somewhere?"
NO. "Are you still feeling sick?" NO! "How can we help you? We are just trying to help." NO!!

Lots of pouting and shrugging and sighing and plain old sour face-ing. He attempts to eat breakfast. Begrudgingly. Grumble grumble.

Then, "But Daddy!
Why am I 'walting' funny!!!" Exasperation rears up. "Bubba, I don't know why you are walking funny. I'm wondering if it's your toe. Can daddy have a look?" NO!!

Stumped. Pondering. What is he on about......

Silence. Then daddy asks, "Do you need to go poo?" Silence. A meek.... "yes", is uttered.

He takes daddy by the hand and hobbles off. Oh so that is it. He needed to go poo. Geez, I should have gotten that one. Huh. God, where's my mummy brain today?

Then I hear daddy say, "Ohh......well, just sit up here, I'll get them off for you." Ah. So there is more to this cryptic message than that he simply needed to use the toilet. There had been a small accident. I should have guessed that from the conspicuous cowboy walk.

He has had a touch of a tummy bug at the beginning of the week so it fits. I wish he could have just said what he needed, though. It seems like it was a much more painful process for him to make us guess than it would have been to just tell us.

I'm reminded once again that he's at an age where he still thinks we know what he is thinking - that we are super human and can read minds. How much easier it would be if we could!

Edited to add: my text format has gone bonkers - can't get it to do what I want. So if this text looks huge, it's bloggers fault!


Juddie said...

Oooh! I love that food, poo or no poo!

Kerrie said...

Fantastic pasta & vegies Karin...!!! I see a little Etsy shop in your future.

The Bubster's school is so fortunate to have parents like you to create gorgeous things for their fair...wish I were able to come along & join in the fun.

Don't think you are quite out of the "Poo" woods yet...gotta love three year olds. Give him a smooch for me...good to know all's okay in the walking department again.

Tracy, mom2many said...

Yes, poo talk. We've finally made a rule that poo talk has to happen in the bathroom. So you will frequently find 3 or so boys telling poo jokes in the bathroom. At least I don't have to hear it at dinner.

I love love the "accidental cowboy" walk. They look like they've just finished a 3 day ride.

FUN felt food. Although I don't see any poo on the tomato? ;) I'll get Toby and Jes to look.

Laurie-Beth said...

The food is amazing Karin! Who knew felt could look so appetizing?

Tracy is right. It seems that boys are much more obsessed with poo than girls - and somehow the word seems appropriate in every conversation for quite a while...sigh...But they grow up so fast, and later on you actually miss the poo - in some ways. ;)

Michelle said...

You'll have to let us Canberrans know when and where the school fair is. If the other mums are as creative as you, it could be dangerous!

Thanks for the well wishes.

Dr. Joanne Cacciatore said...

Magnus is beautiful. Just beautiful. I bet you spend much of your day sucking his face!

kate said...

The pasta & veggies look awesome!