Friday, August 29, 2008

This is.......

This favourite children's book.

This is a hard one because how do you chose. I have many favourites! But I chose these two well worn books that I've carted back from my mothers house the last trip home.

I really love this version of Little Red Riding Hood. (please ignore the swastika-like form in the background - my pinwheels didn't always look like pinwheels!) I love the illustrator, Elizabeth Orton Jones.
Her illustrations strike me in the heart, making my childhood tangible again.

And this book is an all time favourite of mine. I've now introduced it to my son and he loves it too.
I love the characters in it and the pacing of the story. It's brilliant. :-)

Thank you to Pottymouth Mama, for this weeks theme and to Three Buttons for hosting 'This is...' It's always so much fun to do!

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Dr. Joanne Cacciatore said...

OMG, this brought me back so many years to early school days! How much fun! And the felt-food was simply *amazing*-- wow. Who knew? Kiss M for me.