Monday, September 29, 2008


I just got this link from my brother in the states. I am dying laughing because since no one in the states knows who John Clarke is, there seems to be some debate about whether or not this is a real interview! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Front Fell Off


Kerrie said... Scrabble playing friend Lynda sent it to me a few weeks's obviously doing the rounds there...!!! She "got" the humour though, so of course I sent her links to other memorable interviews.

I'm not sure that the American (present company excluded of course) sense of humour is subtle enough to get it.

It's one of his best though. We've been watching "The Games" on Foxtel lately...10 years on and it's still good, brilliant even.

Karin said...

I'll have to send some other links for my brother. I told him about "The Games". We absolutely loved that!! It was especially funny to us as Sydneysiders. I still chuckle thinking about the turnstile gag. LMAO!!!

Between "The Games" and Roy and H.G.'s "The Dream", the Olympics that year were just a crack up, despite being in a high risk pregnancy at the time! They helped save my sanity for sure. :-)

kate said...

It is like a Monty Python skit! ROTFL!

But, seriously, this can't be real, what's the deal?

Karin said...

LOL Kate! :-))

These two are well known satirists in Australia. They do a bit after the ABC news, once a week, where they perform a mock interview on something from the news during the week - which makes it even funnier because the news will have featured a real interview with a real politician and then these two come on with their mock interview and it's just darn funny. Their gag roles are as politician and interviewer.

There is a hilarious one I saw while looking at this on utube where John Clarke is pretending to be our former Prime Minister and Brian is conducting an interview on climate change. The "Prime Minister" keeps interrupting the interview by taking notes and by being belligerent. It's brilliantly done.