Thursday, September 25, 2008

My eyes popped out of my head

I quickly breezed through a toy shop yesterday just to check out the price of the Steiner doll I saw on the shelf. Can you even begin to imagine the price?

$265.00. Yep. That is right. $265.00

Boy howdy, I'm so glad that I made one for the bubster because who can pay that price? I understand the craftsmanship part of it. But that must be marked up incredibly.

Can one really sell a doll for that much money?


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Wow! That is a ridiculous price! I hadn't heard of a Steiner doll until now, so have just been doing some googling on them.

Kelly said...

thats not a bad price if you believe that the ownership and hopefully experience of that doll is going to miraculously provide your child with extra special abilities for learning ;-)

Karin said...


So I'm not crazy then.

But I'm thinking..........maybe I should make some dolls hey?

Maureen Reynolds said...

I don't know Steiner dolls but I do know of American Girl dolls and the vast industry around THEM. Madame Alexander's are pricey too but not being a doll buyer I don't know how high.

Glad I could give you a smile. How about a boast from you???