Monday, September 15, 2008


Daddy: "Did you eat your snack, bub?"
Bubster: "Oh yes I did. I ate the trackters (crackers)."
Daddy: "What about the cheese?"
Bubster: "Oh I ate some of the cheese. A little bit but not really any."
Daddy: "It's nice cheese, isn't it. It's St. Claire cheese from Tasmania. Mummy and Daddy like that."
Bubster: "Well, yes it is nice cheese.....I ate some trackters with the cheese.... and then some of the cheese and then I said, "Hey! That cheese tastes like poo!" and then I just ate the trackters!" Shrugs shoulders and squints cheekily.

Hmm. Yummo.
Well, Mummy and Daddy still like it. Poo or no poo.


Alice said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I really agred with all of it. I have a lot of issues about what constitutes a real family. For me, three people isn't enough - but then I'm lucky that there are that many, I suppose. And I hate people having negative ideas about only children. Don't they realise that some people didn't chose to have only one child? And I also don't think that saying something like 'hurry up and have another' is acceptable. If the person who said that had a brain then they'd realise that maybe there's a more complicated story there and they would try being a bit tactful. Thank you so much for all your comments. I'm just full of admiration that you're alive at all given what you've been through. And it looks like you're a knitter as well! I'm mad on knitting now. I started after Laura died. I couldn't read a book, or do anything at all, but I could knit - although I hadn't done it since my teens. And so I just kept going. It's a very healing thing to do, isn't it? Thanks again for your comments.


Tracy, mom2many said...

Poo. hee hee. Poo on tracters. Definitely a boy snack.

wee-ve said...

Daichi likes blue cheese.Yuck!!
Actually I don't like it very much...
I know your sons feeling.

Anonymous said...

oh my, what precious innocence! Cheese tastes like poo....I'm in love! That is priceless! And trackters.. aw, what a wonderful little boy!