Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is.........what I do with a spare 10 minutes

Hoppo Bumpo is the author of this weeks 'This is...' theme and it's a good one. Thought provoking.

I must admit, I'm having trouble defining it. As a stay at home mum, I live a life of improvisation. Wash a few dishes here, then while putting something away, stop to fold a jumper or two, then turn around and make the bed before going down the corridor to put away a pair of shoes to helping my 3 year old use the toilet to the lengthy follow up debate convincing him to wash his hands to sponging up the floor around the toilet (yes) to getting him off to school to putting on the washing to making lunch to hanging out the washing to return to those dishes that I started with.........etc.

And lets face it. A spare 10 minutes in blog world is not limited to 10 minutes. Make that more like 35 minutes. Or more......

So I think if I were to be totally honest here, what I do with a spare 10 minutes is nothing. Lying on the floor doing nothing. Just feeling the curve of the back or the release of the tension at the back of the neck is the reward of nothingness. Letting go of those internal rotator muscles is lovely. Breathing.

And I have history to back me up. In my mothers old Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook from 1950, in the short cuts section on housework it states: If you feel tired, lie down on the floor on your back, put your hands above your head, close your eyes, and relax for 3 to 4 minutes.

Bravo, Betty! Make that 10. :-)


Liesl said...

I love your post Karin. I think your "improvisation" is actually a highly developed system of multi-tasking!

I'm going to be sure this week to take a leaf out of your (Betty Crocker) book and have a quick lie down. It sounds quite sensible.

Jenaveve said...

Hi Karin! Great post and very honest. Lying down on the floor is sometimes just what you need to do for 10 minutes...before carrying on again. Wow, Bet sure did know what she was on about back then.