Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This weeks conversation

Bubster: "Do you know where my 'torter' is?
Me: "Torter?"
Bubster: "Yes, my torter. You know, it's a long thing that you blow into and it toots."
Me: (totally stumped - what is the lad talking about??) "Torter? Hmmm..... Whats it look like again?"
Bubster: (Sigh....rolling of eyes) You know Mummy! Don't be silly! (chuckles) It's a long thing, you blow in it here.....it isn't with my musical instruments. I'll look again."
We go look. Meanwhile, I'm racking my brain. What in the heck is a torter??? I'm obviously thinking too hard.
Bubster: "You know, Too tooo to toooot!" Dances around with an imaginary torter.
Me.....thinking: "Oh! Do you mean your flute?"
Bubster: "Yes!"
(but how is a flute a torter?) I go find it in the closet behind some towels. That is where it goes when it turns into a hitting flute rather than a playing flute.
Bubster: "See? It looks just like a torter."
Me: "Oh it does does it?" (hmmm. what the...?)
The bubster goes off and toots for a while. He comes back and says:
"Miles was playing his torter at school today!"
Me: "Bub, are you talking about a REcorder?"
Bubster: "Yes! A torter."
Me: "Yes, it's a REcorder. Recorder."
Bubster: "Oh. Recorter. Toot toot!!!"
Oh my..................


Kelly said...

they are soo sweet at this age arent they? You do these conversations so very well.

Lissy said...

Standing ovation from one musician to another...and his mother :-)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

So sweet! I love how you were called "silly" :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a sweet post! great idea to record their dia;ogue - they say the cutest things at that age.