Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thought I'd add some more photos

Two favourite photos from our wedding. I should have done this post on our anniversary in July!! My uncles sister made our tiara's out of flowers from my auntie's garden. My aunt provided the very beautiful earrings and brooch for me to wear. They belonged to her mother, Ida, my grandmother, and one day, will be handed on to me.

I'm wearing my mothers wedding dress as you may recall from my previous post! She made it herself for her own wedding. In it's original form, the lace collar was a matching shade of blue and it had a prim little 1940's belt for the waist. The blue has long faded, and the belt has long ago broken. I used to wear this dress to art openings and for receptions after performances. I had always thought that when I got married, I'd wear my mothers mother, Olga's, wedding dress which is squirreled away in a hope chest at my mothers. But then it seemed much more appropriate to wear this. I even contemplated wearing a suit and brought that with me as backup! Yeesh. That would have been a bad choice. My aunt talked me out of that one thank god.

Something I'd love to do one day is frame this dress. I think it would make a stunning display on the wall. Big, but impressive. I love framed pieces of clothing.
I'm also wearing my grandmothers watch. My wedding ring was first worn by my great-grandmother, Ingeborg Moen. She came to America from Norway as a mail order bride in 1895(?). She said she would come if she could bring her spinning wheel and her favourite fern. My aunt has the spinning wheel and the fern is thriving, 100 years+ old, in her upstairs loft! I've had a few cuttings from it when I lived in New York. I'd love some here but alas, no plant materials can cross international borders (for a very good reason).

We were married in upstate New York, on my aunt and uncles property, They have a stunning 'little house in the woods'. It's perfect. My favourite detail is the mountain stream flowing by, the trickling over the rocks an ever present sound score. If you follow it down, then take a left, you come to this field:This man-made pond was created by my uncle, an architect, for his neighbour. Imagine having your own reflection pool. It's like a dream to me.
On our wedding day, I remember it was a little foggy but the fog lifted just as we had the ceremony outside.We eloped, sort of. I recommend it highly. Although one might miss out on the bounty of wedding presents, one also avoids all the drama associated with a big wedding. Even though I'm a performer, I've never felt completely comfortable with the spectacle, stress and of course, expense, of a huge wedding. So ours was a quiet little affair. Because my aunt invited us to have it at her house, my cousin, who is autistic, was able to come. I'm smiling, thinking about it now.

For our most recent visit, we got to bring this giggling little guy:
Everyone was pretty excited to meet him. Can we say thrilled?
He's the best present ever.


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That's such a lovely dress and even more wonderful for it's history. The spot you were married in is magical!

Lissy said...

WONDERFUL memories!!!
Thank you so much...

Tracy, mom2many said...

We do some pre marital counseling and every time we tell the couple to elope. They always laugh and then 6 months later, they realize we weren't kidding. We wish we had eloped. But in the end, I'm married to the guy I wanted and it really doesn't matter.

But can I say that you had my dream wedding? Everything about it...the dress, fresh flowers, outside, small. If yall did the two step under an oak tree, I'll just die LOL

SweetBaboo said...

What lovely photos! Some were new to me. Thank you for sharing.

Now I am curious about where you married. Is it a place that is truly upstate or the NYC version of upstate (anything above the city, lol!)

All my love across the ocean!