Thursday, October 2, 2008

Felt food update

Here is a completed meal. Veggie Stirfry. I'm still deciding if more ingredients are necessary. I had wanted to call in Yakisoba, because that was my inspiration, but the man of the house thought that might be too 'out there' for some.

So here is what one gets: 1 fried egg, 2 red capsicum, 3 pea pods, 3 shitake mushrooms, and 12 soba noodles in a groovy bag. I'm trying to decide about carrots or sprouts.

I've been pretty ambitious I think. I've got plans for 12 bags; 3 breakfasts, 3 pasta's, 3 soba's, and 3 sushi's. I've actually found it to be very difficult to narrow it down to this.

To be quite honest, I've found it stressful. I think that is good - to be pushed a bit. But what I'm trying to understand is my reaction to the Bubster. I'm finding it so hard to parent him and feel good about myself and how I am doing that while having another agenda on the table. Honestly, I don't know how some of you crafty peeps do it. I don't know if it's just my child, or if it's the fact that he is an 'only', or if it's other things thrown in there but he expects and wants my undivided attention every waking moment. I find this really difficult.

I've been having some really bad days of wanting another child, knowing we can't have one, wishing that one of the others was here (because I figure I can't wish for them all can I?) and trying to be a good parent to the one I've got. But I'm not as good as I'd hoped I'd be. I think I need to stop comparing so much; comparing myself to others and comparing myself to what I thought would be.

But hell, that is for another post altogether. I can't really get my head around it all quite yet.

So how did that segue happen?

Back to the felt food. Here it is, all cuddly in it's little bag. Aww......


Kelly said...

no no . yakisoba is Purrfect. dont second guess anything. i want to buy one. i demand that you set up an ETSY shop and sell me one. yesterday.they are GREEEAAT! soo creative and FUN. Ss for demanding children... yes, one is most demanding. no newspapers/books ever get read. its NOT you. its definitely them and my advice is... ignoring them occasionally is very good for them. looks like you are a fab mum, a thinking mum and a compassionate and empathic mum.perfect

Kelly said...

forgot to say those shitakes are just awesome.

Tracy, mom2many said...

oh hon, one is hard. I so wish they were all here, but maybe especially Soren. He would have been fabulous with Magnus. sigh..... or maybe Heloise and Imogen would have kept him jumping with tea parties and such.

Even with all the others to entertain each of them though, there are days when Toby and Jes just need my undivided attention. 3 yos are like little bottomless pits of attention. You can't fill them. But they do outgrow it. They learn to read, they make friends, and suddenly momma is standing there asking to play a game with someone who would rather do his own thing.

I don't know how craft peeps do it either. I barely have time to pee.

Karin said...

Thanks guys. I tried to lighten up on myself today. It was a better day together. I feel so concerned that Magnus is 'lonely'. I think I need to lighten up on that thought too so as not to project onto him.

I need to get out more with him. It's just hard to do that and get stuff done around the joint. I still haven't even started my tomato seeds yet!

Just finding it hard. Just sad I guess. I guess I'm entitled to that at times. Sigh......... I just don't want it to impact on the little guy.

Liesl said...

Look at what a wonderful mum you are making lovely things like felt food. How much fun is that! It looks very realistic.

This parenting is a hard gig, no matter what shape or form it takes. It takes all your reserves! Some days I have considered hiding in a cupboard. It looks to me like you are doing a wonderful job for sure.

Maureen Reynolds said...

None of us is ever quite as good a parent as we think we're going to be. Lord, if we really really knew all it entailed and how intense it is, the human race would end.

Sounds to me as if your little one needs to get out more - without you. My eldest is 4 yrs older than #2 and I needed time alone. That's what babysitters or playgroups are for.

I'm an only and yes, it can be lonely but then you realize....heheh... you have THEM all to yourself! Sounds like your little guy is figuring that out.

Karin said...

Hoppo and Maureen, Thank you guys!

Hoppo, LOL!!! Hey, is there room in that cupboard for two? And is there a spa positioned behind the cans of beans because if there is, I'm in!

Maureen, that is what I think too - he needs some time away from me. I really like it when he and his dad can go out and do man stuff. That is so good for me and so good for them.

And yep, a babysitter. Yep yep yep. Movie night!

wee-ve said...

To me, raising a child takes a lot of patience. Actually I'm suffering from PMS, sometimes I have trouble dealing with my emotioms at luteal stage. When 'D' was 2yrs, I went back to work. Because I couldn't stand staying with him all day any more.

Yakisoba looks perfect! If you used some brown yarn, it would look more realistic. And some cut cabbage is a must!
Wee-ve=maki. I've just started blogger in English. But, oh! it's not easy!!

Karin said...

Hey Maki!

I've been wondering about the colour of the soba noodles actually - nothing that I've found is quite right.Hmmmmm........

Cabbage. Now there is a thought!:-)

Candy Bello said...

how cute! i love the egg!


Lisa said...

Dear Karin,
I need a long letter. But, baby I understand your mixed feelings about it all.
Number of art projects I 've completed since Natasha arrived: zero, number of crafty projects: zero, number of books read: umm not many, number of cranky outbursts at toddler and husband: too numerous to count. Trying to be present and compassionate with a smart, creative, demanding, high energy, contrary little person is a more than full - time job. Remember to be compassionate and forgiving with yourself too dear one.

Also, you've inspired me, I want to start making some felt food -- I think I'm going to go much more basic than you. But, I can't even get it together to get felt. (do you order online?). Sigh,

hugs and love,


ps you can see natasha's first day of pre-school: