Friday, October 3, 2008

Love Fridays

I tried to roll with it more today and not get so caught up in my head. So we did this:
And then after lunch and laundry, we hung out, just like real muso's, with our ukulele and banjo - playing songs like This Old Man and There Was a Man and He Was Mad. We danced around quite a bit too, thanks to our Mike and Peggy Seeger CD. It's so great. Really!

And No, I still cannot play the banjo but it will happen. One day. I can do rolls! I just can't do any songs yet. Anyway!

That was our day. I only got cranky with the Bubster a few times. (that part needs more work I'm afraid...)

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Kelly said...

uhhh huuuh, he's looking the part.

Kerrie said...

Rock Star in the making..??

Don't be so hard on yourself's hard having someone demand your every waking moment, cut yourself a little slack mate.

Many (((((hugs)))))

Lissy said...

Always happy to hear that people are making some funky music together. You know music uses a part of the brain that nothing else touches right?

Sending you lots of love mate! Sounds like you've been having a hard time lately...I could make a few Canberra jokes but I know that it's a lot deeper than that...