Friday, October 31, 2008

Love Fridays!!

Brown paper packages tied up with string. Yep! My blogtoberfest giveaway from Big Cat was on our step this morning. :-)

Cathy must have known that her package would arrive today, on Love Fridays! It's awesome! Thank you so much! I love the painting, it's beautiful - and know exactly where to hang it. And the book is sensational. Definitely will be attempting some of those projects.
The bubster loved the cat card. He thinks it is a picture of 'his cat', Rex. Rex lives in Sydney and was his buddy. He'd walk over every night to say Hi and tuck the bubster in bed.

Thank you again. Blogtoberfest has been lots of fun. I didn't get to post every day but every time I came on to blog I eagerly surfed to see and read the goings on. Thank you Cathy, for coming up with such a fun idea and being such a great host. It was so neat to see all the activity!


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Look at the size of that cat. Wowee.

So glad your package arrived for Love Fridays. Enjoy.

Kelly said...

wow. we have a cat like that...HUGE...ours has but 3 legs...ohh to have a package on the front step! what a great way to end the 'working' week!

CurlyPops said...

How sweet is that little cat card...what a fab giveaway to win!

Reese said...

My GOD! Is that a cat?