Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On my desk.......

I haven't yet participated in Kootoyoo's meme, 'On my desk...' because, well, I don't have a desk exactly. And Wednesday is my morning date with the hubster. So my desk ends up being at Borders, sitting with a bunch of magazines sipping a latte or a tea and most decidedly eating a cheesecake.

Today I felt inspired to share. On my desk at Borders: I was looking at Art in America, an art mag I quite like but rarely buy. As I read articles and flipped through looking at the whose who of exhibiting artists, I came upon this painting, entitled Daybreak, by Eric Aho.

I think it is absolutely stunning. I love the carvings of colour, the abstracted landscape. The explosions. I am working with a similar concepts with my blurscapes.

This is the first time I have seen this artist. Now I am going to learn more. If you are in Hanover, New Hampshire, he has a show at the Spheris Gallery until 19th November. I'd love to go!

There's so much good work out there, isn't there??


niobe said...

Y'know, I'm not all that far from Hanover. If I have time this weekend, I'd love to see more of his work.

Lissy said...

How I love art...I must get to the local gallery again soon.

Karin, I reserved Rise by Ingrid Poulson from my local library & was able to pick it up this morning. Looking forward to a great read about a resilient woman! Thanks for the recommendation mate.


Kirsty said...

Eric is a clever guy. The blurscapes look wonderful. I'll look forward to seeing more of those.