Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The son of an Economist

I overheard this short, concise conversation between Daddy and the Bubster during play with his new pirate ship:

Bubster: "Look Daddy, my pirate captured these fish and this man in the ocean and locked them all under the boat!"
Daddy: "Oh, well I'd like to buy some fish for my dinner."
Bubster: "Oh, I'll sell you some fish, but I have to take it to 'martet' (market) first."

Priorities, mate!

I was left wondering what kind of conversations the Economist and the Bubster are having in the car together.

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Maureen Reynolds said...

Morning Karin!

I missed Halloween all my years outside the US too. I think it is the most child-centered holiday of my childhood - freedom to roam the streets At Night! and get all that candy. It was safe when I was a child and we - my gf and I age 8ish - were out till 10pm. Amazing to think of that now, isn't it.

btw, your little acorn doesn't fall far from his oak tree.