Monday, October 6, 2008

This is......

Playing catch up here. Since I'm participating in the Blogtoberfest, I need to post every day! I missed yesterday so I'm making it up by posting twice today. I'm sure that is allowed, right? :-)

So, this weeks 'This is....' is brought to you by Handmaiden.
'This is........' my favourite kitchen tool:Number 1. I love having a great pot to cook in.
Number 2. I love red!

It's a win/win situation!

Thank you to the host of 'This is.....', Angela at Three Buttons.


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Of course it's allowed. No rules and no obligation. It's more fun that way.

By the way, you won my giveaway. You better come over and have a look.

I so want one of those French casserole dishes. I think Ms L and I are going to skip Christmas pressies and get one of those.

Lindsay said...

What a beautiful pot! I LOVE the color!

Kerrie said...

Karin...I have the same pot but in blue...!!!

I just love it for all sorts of reasons. I'd love more but the budget doesn't always run that far.

Maybe for Christmas...