Monday, October 6, 2008

This is......

Playing catch up here. Since I'm participating in the Blogtoberfest, I need to post every day! I missed yesterday so I'm making it up by posting twice today. I'm sure that is allowed, right? :-)

So, this weeks 'This is....' is brought to you by Handmaiden.
'This is........' my favourite kitchen tool:Number 1. I love having a great pot to cook in.
Number 2. I love red!

It's a win/win situation!

Thank you to the host of 'This is.....', Angela at Three Buttons.


BigCat said...

Of course it's allowed. No rules and no obligation. It's more fun that way.

By the way, you won my giveaway. You better come over and have a look.

I so want one of those French casserole dishes. I think Ms L and I are going to skip Christmas pressies and get one of those.

Lindsay Bear said...

What a beautiful pot! I LOVE the color!

Kerrie said...

Karin...I have the same pot but in blue...!!!

I just love it for all sorts of reasons. I'd love more but the budget doesn't always run that far.

Maybe for Christmas...