Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lets do it!

Let's have a corporate free Christmas. I'm in!

The hard part for me is the upcoming bubster birthday. He has big dreams of Thomas the Tank Engine! I will still probably get him what I'd planned for his birthday and focus on making all that I can for Christmas.

Lets see what I manage to achieve!


Tracy, mom2many said...

I'm in. I wonder can I make a wii?

My hubby wants a wii....but I wonder could everything else be made? Must think. Christmas used to be all thrift stores or what we could make. I think it may be time to do that again!

Jamie Sue said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!! If you have any ideas to contribute or if you sell handmade items that you would like featured, let me know.

Alice said...

That's such a good idea. Just today I decided that on my son's next birthday I'm going to put a note in with the invite. 'Please don't feel you need to send a present. If you do, please nothing plastic, electric or with loads of small bits ...' All the other mother's at my son's school will think I'm nutty. But for me the worst thing about being a mother is all the plastic crap which seems inevitably to be part of it. Alice

Karin said...

Alice, I agree. I hate all the plastic crap that people give as presents. I'd like my son to not receive them.

The huge horrible toy stores make me cringe. Often I will give a child something I've made or something from a small store.

I think this year, everyone will get chefs hats and felt food. LOL!

kate said...

LOL to tracy's comment!

By the way your felt food has inspired me to try to craft some stuff for my kid's Xmas gifts...i want to make felted (knitted) vegetables/fruits for the boys & crocheted cupcakes for C. We will see if it gets done...i could get it done, but i also have to make Xmas stockings & several gifts for my mom...