Thursday, November 6, 2008

Looking for ideas

Guess what. In just over 3 weeks, the bubster will be turning 4! How did that happen? I can no longer say that 3 year olds are funny. I will now be required to say that 4 year olds are funny! At least I hope they are........

I asked the bubster if he would like a party and his answer was yes. (Duh) Here is the dilemma. I am not great with hosting. I don't host. It's not my thing. I'm great when it is a shared responsibility but all alone.....not so appealing and more than a little bit daunting. I'd like to keep the guest list to a minimum, but it still comes out at 6 school friends (I had hoped for 4). Each friend, but one, has siblings.

We have a spacious enclosed back yard, but no play equipment. We hope to have the bubster's sandbox finished by then. We have a play tent with tunnel that we can put up. And I thought maybe they could bring their trikes to ride around on the driveway. Obstacle course perhaps. I don't have a theme in mind. But the bubster had said pirates (which one school friend did last month)

I had thought I'd turn two large drawing boards into blackboards to draw on. And I was thinking of doing some foot painting. I could do my fantastic bubbles from last years party - we do a party each year with his two Sydney birthday buddies. Each boy invites friends to the party.

While the bubbles had it's fun moments, I did feel a little like a trained monkey with few parents helping to supervise while I formed my giant bubbles. The kids would run up and pop them before they broke free from my rope wand......harrumph..... one kid I didn't know actually threw a stick at me to try to pop a bubble. Was I impressed? This same kid opened one of the bubsters presents and started playing with it. Huh?...... I mean, who is this kid anyway?? I was a bit sharp with him. But I digress.

And what about party bags. I dislike all the little plastic stuff that is the usual loot but what could one do instead that's cheap and doesn't take a year to make?

And then of course there is the food. Ai yi yi. And the cake. Ackk!!! I'm not a cake maker....... I do make incredibly delicious rice paper rolls but......oi.

We also don't have any outdoor furniture (we have tree stumps...), nor do we own a barbecue. Geez, are we lame or what....

Incidentally, the bubster can be a bit cranky. On the one hand, he is desperate to have friends over to play but on the other, he is not so sure once they get here. Last year at his birthday party, he hoarded the bubbles. Luckily for me, I forgot to give them away. Old-timers brain occasionally comes in handy. Note to self, make sure to dress bubster in pants without pockets.

I think it is good to work on these skills so I would like to have the party here but would like it to be not too stressful. Somehow......

Rambling here. Oh and to add, I had planned to be proficient enough on the banjo to play Happy Birthday. Better get practicing if that is going to happen...........

Would that end up being the straw that broke the camels back? You know. Picture this. "Haaappy wait. Let's start again. A one a and a two a.....Haapppy Birthdaayyyy Uh.." Ah bugger it. Next year for that one right? Won't take long to roll around again after all.

Care to share your childrens party successes? Or un successes??


Tracy, mom2many said...

I wouldn't have them bring bikes, that would probably get overwhelming quick. A treasure hunt would be so fun, then end result being either the cake or maybe an eye patch/bandanna combo to wear and be piratey.

has some great ideas.

I'm not a huge fan of hosting either, I've had to learn it over the years. The biggest piece of advice I have is to make sure the party is over in about 1 1/2 hours. 4 yos start cracking at the seams after that

Lissy said...

Hi Karin,
I so don't like huge numbers of people here...
We had a 5th BD for Bonnie here. Not many kids.
The best thing was a lolly hunt - a treasure hunt always goes down a treat.
Pass the parcel with something in each section - to save all the tears.
I bought lots of bubble mix & the wands so all the kids could have a bubble frenzy.
Pin the wand on the fairy - pin the parrot on the pirate?
I bought a cake.
That was pretty much my big venture into the world of parties. Lots of friends seem to go to a bowling alley, or a fun centre - for reasons I understand quite well now.
(((Magnus))) How exciting...
It doesn't have to be bigger than Ben Hur.
Oh, perhaps a personal massuse for the evening after the party for you & someone to cook tea for you - & a cleaning company to tidy up :-) Hee hee. OH hang on...that's MY fantasy. ;-)
Let us know what you end up with Karin!!

Sarah C said...

Home parties are always such a dillema - and hosting is so draining I think trying to keep it simple the best idea, easy no mess activities. you could have paper bag party bags that they can decorate on arrival - simple pirate stickers, cheap star stickers etc. easy with no mess to clean up then have the treasure hunt using home made X marks the spot maps (rub tea bags over white paper to get a vintage look).
With all my home parties I set up my yard like a day care centre - rugs around the yard with books, cars/car mat, building blocks, maybe an easel with drawing (no painting) etc. out around the yard so the kids can play at thier own leisure - no big play equipment needed but you could go to the local toy libary and borrow some big things?
Pass the parcel is always a winner.

Good luck with your party

kate said...

we always get good feedback on our kids' parties and i never plan activities anymore (i used to do crafts or a treasure hunt w/ A's parties). I figure a bunch of kids running around is a party enough ;)

I put a start & end time on the invitations (e.g. 2-4 pm)...i have a spread of cheese & crackers, chips, etc. out on the table mostly for adults. I also have a big pitcher of sangria & a corresponding non-alcoholic juice-with-fruit for the kids. What, most people don't drink alcohol at kid's parties? But it so helps with the *noise*....come to think of it, that probably also accounts for the positive feedback....hee hee

Oh, for favor bags i just give bags of candy, because i hate that plastic crap too.