Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pumpkin carving adventures

Check out my brothers pumpkin carving expertise.
Incredibly realistic isn't it! Obama on his doorstep. :-)

Well, at least I can live vicariously through my brothers Halloween celebrations, since I can't really recreate that here! Oh how I miss a good ol' Halloween.

The bubster and me, University of Virginia lawn. 2005

At not quite 11 months old here, he got the idea of the candy. LOL

Despite the bubster being almost 4, we have managed to experience 2 American Halloweens. Not a bad track record! Autumn is my favourite time of year to visit the states.

Pumpkin picking in South Dakota. 2007

Spring and summer isn't bad either. Christmas is also great. I guess maybe February is the least fun. Although then there is Valentines Day.........


Cindy said...

Wow that Pumpkin is amazing! I had to take a second look, I thought it was a bit of photoshop in action.
I have to admit a little halloween envy with all those amazing blogs showing us how they do it with such style.

Juddie said...

hey that's some good carving! Yay for change when it's so desperately needed!