Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bedtime for 4 year olds

Tonight, while getting ready for bed, the bubster announced that he wanted to read the 'E-ton-num-nist' for his bedtime story. (LMAO!!) Ok......Daddy's the most qualified for that story. Must be a 4 year old thing. He's all grown up now you know.

Then he wanted to hear 'Beethoven's Fit' on the ipod. (Ha Ha!!) It's so restful and all. Geez, being 4 really means big boy!


Kelly said...

tomorrow...the car keys

Karin said...

LOL Kel!

I just learned from the hubster that 'the E-ton-num-nist' was not one of the bubsters favourites after all. I guess we have time! Ha ha!!

Lissy said...

LOL...he is a very mature 4 year old.

Eric makes me declare that his age is FOUR AND A HALF now - because that half is important at that age!!

Great musical taste, but a little heavy for bedtime. Something a bit more Baroque might be easier to tolerate at that time of night? Some Bach, Vivaldi etc? I found the other day they have taken bands like Led Zepplin, etc & created Lullaby albums using the music...how surreal it THAT?