Thursday, December 4, 2008

How old are you?

Our recently turned 4 year old turned to Daddy and said in a puzzled tone, "You know, I still feel like I'm 3 years old not 4..... How come?" Daddy explained how the transition is gradual and that one day, he will feel 4.

I can relate. I still sometimes feel as though I am 27 years old. But that transition happened a long long LONG time ago. Still though, there are times I feel a little shock of surprise; by both my age and my weight. I really should be that svelte 20 something right?

Do you have an age that resonates in you?


Kerrie said...

I can understand the Bubster still feeling three...after all on December 1st he only became a day older than the day before yet in essence he was a year older...a big concept to get your head around at that age.

Actually it's quite an amazing question for a (new) four year old...his thoughts amaze me sometimes.

Just last week I came to the conclusion I was middle-aged, I'm not even sure how the conversation arrived at that point. I hit the earth with quite a my mind I have not long turned 40, but that was almost five years ago now.

Where have those lost years gone..?? I'm certain meeting John has had a lot to do with it...I was 42 when we met. Maybe I have spent the time being happy and in love that the years have just slipped by..??

I posted about that very thought here...

Thought provoking Karin...very much so indeed.

Lissy said...

I've been thinking about your question since you posted it...
I cannot find an age that I associate with...but in my mind I am "in my twenties" - full of hope & joy...yet the mundane of life has a way of creeping up on you.
Hmmm, I'll think some more about that one.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Oh I hear you!