Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mary's Star Walk

Mary's Star Walk

I love Nativity scenes. At the Shaker Workshop website, there are several worth salivating over from all over the world.

In keeping with the idea of a Corporate Free Christmas, I decided to make our own simple Nativity scene, inspired from this book, All Year RoundWe made Mary's Star Walk - finally! We are a little late for the start of Advent but we just caught ourselves up.

Mary moves forward through Advent along the star path. At the end of each day, the day's star goes up in the sky above the stable. By the end of Advent, the sky is filled with stars over the Nativity. Each day or so, a new stone, animal or shepherd appears at the Nativity scene. Joseph appears on Christmas Eve, waiting for Mary.

The bubster loves putting the stars in the sky. We just need to spend some time learning the song. My hope is that this will become a new family tradition.

I've loved the book All Year Round from the get go. I love the inspiring ideas for seasonal celebrations. It doesn't exactly fit for Australia - since the seasons are not matched with Christian calendar holidays, but I still get so much out of it.Here's Mary. I think she turned out rather lovely. :-)


Kerrie said...

Karin...this is a gorgeous idea for Advent. Your Mary is just looking forward to seeing each addition to the stable.

You are so very talented and clever...the Bubster will remember this special time for many, many years...I can see him using it for his own children in the future.

wee-ve said...

So fantastic.
I was just fascinated with the beautiful photos...

kate said...

That's just beautiful!

Years ago i was planning to make a nativity set out of that plastic clay that you bake (cernit? something like that). I did make mary but that was the end of it. So, um, now every year i open the boxes and see lone mary waiting patiently for the completion of the project!