Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Been away!!!

Been away folks! I didn't manage a post before we went to Sydney. We stayed at Coogee Beach for 2 weeks while the Hubster worked non-stop with his co-author. It seemed a very fruitful work trip for him which is great. I love when he feels excited about his research.

The bubster and I pretty much just relaxed.

I have some plans for my blog this year. I want to do some giveaways very soon. Lots of them! So if you are interested, stay tuned. I'm looking forward to this. :-)

Back later. Gotta get to the garden and such today. Perhaps some grocery shopping too? Naw! I'm still holidaying!!! :-) Perhaps a bit of blog surfing instead! I've missed much me thinks!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

we noticed!!!!!!!
welcome back mwahahahaha
its a slippery slope time waster in here ya know!