Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hee hee!

Thank you all for the wonderful comments!

I look forward to getting around to all of your blogs. For those commenting on my lunch post - we had almost the exact same dialogue today, involving ham, avocado and crackers. LOL!!!

"Is that avocado you are putting on there??" Etc, etc.......

On another note, I am finally getting back to my adoption application. What adoption? Oh, I probably have never mentioned it before. Mainly that is because I don't feel much optimism about the process. We are very slow - for reasons too many to name. Anyway.........

I have to rewrite my 'life story' because we have to start the entire process all over in the ACT. We completed our first application in NSW but were discouraged from filing because of the move. And as you'd expect, (or not expect as the case may be) the entire adoption application is entirely different between states. Long story there but anyway.

This question stands out to me today:

What role will you fill as a parent?

Ummmmm. Hmmmmmmmm......... The role of MOTHER perhaps??? Yeah thats it! Mother. And my husband will play the role of father. Yeah. Or should it be the other way around.... Hmm.....

I mean really. Who writes these things???


Tracy, mom2many said...

I'm glad you're starting again.

Ugh on the questions....reminds me of some bible studies I've done:

"this verse says love one another, who are we to love?"

Lissy said...

Hee hee.

I am so rolling my eyes (about the adoption thing, not at you of course). It sounds like education department forms. It's almost like they are daring you to get through the paperwork, & if you can do that & remain reasonably sane you might be a great candidate? It must be challenging not to write deliberately annoying answers...

What role will you fill as parent?
Wot the...?

Perhaps you could answer "I dunno" to everything?

I mean really??

What do they think you will say?

"I am going to be the one who says & does totally inappropriate things with the child in my care. I'll smoke, drink, do drugs in front of them, slap them around, provide only the bare neccesities & try to ignore them as much as possible..." Puleeeaaase!!!! It's an offensive question!

(((hugs))) Just reading your story would show your bravery & determination to keep fighting to be a parent...