Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art. What do ya do with the stuff?

Life drawing. 2001.
Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes. Charcoal and conte crayon on brown craft paper.
Size: 103cm X 76 cm. Approximately.
Sad fact: Was not able to fit hand in on top, despite the monster size. Damn!
Feelings about it: I think it turned out well despite the hand issue. I've always liked it. I enjoyed knocking it out in a whirlwind frenzy.
Exhibition history: Hung in Waverley Art Prize.
Where it currently resides: Under bed collecting dust bunnies. Damn!

So people. What does one do with art like this?? I can't really afford to frame it right now. No portfolio is large enough to hold it. I'm not with a gallery so I have no clients. I'd love for it to be up but don't really have the house/wall for it. I'd love for someone to love it as much as me.

What are your thoughts and opinions on the matter. If you are a maker of things, what do you do with your work once it is finished. Do you give things away to make room for new? Sell them? Do you have a big house capable of proper storage?

Curious in Canberra. All responses welcome!


Lissy said...

Hi Karin!
Thanks for your lovely comment on my Blog!
I too have much dust destroying my work...though I am hardly as talented as you...
It's sad - yet there it is.
Mine is stuffed in a folder in Bonnie's wardrobe. When she gets into clothes she might make me move it, & then I'll be wondering where else to move it to...circling from room to room around the house?
Perhaps when you get your big farm property, with your firepole to slide down & a huge room to store & create you'll be SET!?? Then we will see your work in a gallery somewhere & say "Oh Karin, yes, I knew her when she was renting in small houses with nowhere to store her brilliant work!" Air kiss air kiss

Kelly said...

heres a hint. My cousin was eric wilson, a relatively well known aussie artist. He painted a picture of an aunt, his mother which lay under my grandfathers bed in a housing trust home in the western suburbs of sydney for as long as i could remember. it was always just 'that' picture. upon my grandfathers death it went to the nearest living relative to eric. It now hangs in the national gallery. Theres my suggestion. keep it under the bed. lol

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

It's a pretty amazing piece Karin. It would look great hanging on a wall.

I have only recently started hanging more and more of my own work around the house. Previously I only hung stuff in my craft room so it feels good to be taking a step and putting it out there just a wee bit further.

I also give bits and pieces to good friends. Usually I've made it with them in mind.

Karin said...

Thanks guys for the comments. I think they are all great. LOL Kel, maybe it SHOULD just stay under the bed!

Lissy, you remember my dream farmhouse? Yep. Fire pole. I think an internal slide as well. I'd love to slide down the slide with the laundry, right to the laundry room. LOL!!

Ah.... the dream room for creating.....sigh....

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I've just been wondering the same thing. As I'm unpacking boxes and large portfolios I'm rediscovering the work that I used to do. I'm trying to find a cheaper alternative to traditional framing. If I come up with something, I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...
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