Monday, March 30, 2009

The bubster's first sewing creation

The bubster loves gloves. Here he is at 20 months, working out in the garden wearing one of his earliest pairs of gloves:
Rather large-ish that pair..... But no matter, if there is a pair of gloves around, he will claim ownership.

This weekend, he decided that he wanted to make himself a pair of gloves. So he went under the sink and got out a Chux Super Wipe and declares, "This is what I'll use to make myself a pair of gloves. Don't you think it's a good idea, Mummy??" How could I say otherwise!

So he sits down at his little table and starts cutting. He first thinks that maybe he will make the fingers by stabbing the cloth with a fork. I explain how that will make fingerless gloves not gloves with fingers. Oh....Well then, that won't do. He wants fingers..... hmmm.......

So I explain how we could trace around his hand and cut out two pieces, one for the top of his hand and the other for the bottom. We need two pieces for each glove. He decides I'm probably right about that, it seems a good approach and we proceed.

Once we have finished tracing, I explain how we need to leave a margin of fabric around the tracing so that we have room to sew the pieces together. He grasps the concept and starts cutting. He carefully cuts out his pairs, concentrating very hard on the precision. Then when he is finished he announces, "I'm ready for a needle, Mummy. I need a needle." So I get him my big blunt tapestry needle. He remarks that it is 'just like the needle at school!'

He then, with great concentration and effort, proceeds to sew up the edges. He does a really damn good job, even if I do say so myself. I was impressed. He got tired halfway through so I finished the second glove for him. I was dying to take some photos of him but I didn't want to disturb his concentration. Just picture if you will, a little adorable blond haired boy, 4 years old, sitting at his little table, feet crossed, carefully and steadily drawing a needle through some work.


And here are the gloves!


Cindy said...

The most gorgeous gloves I have seen. Nice work bubster!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

How delightful.