Friday, March 20, 2009

The little cowboy

Bubster: "Mommy! Can I watch this movie? I just LOVE this movie. It's the best movie ever. It's better that warm ice!"

Warm ice?

Wow, that does sound good! I guess the Bubster doesn't know about the 'sliced bread' analogy. Or maybe he does and chose warm ice as even better than that!

A 4 year old who walks around like John Wayne, water pistol shoved down his pants, is quite funny indeed. A purple yoga bolster as a horse is pretty funny too.


Tracy, mom2many said...

We LOVE El Dorado around here!! You must find some old copies of The Lone Ranger! My boys loved those.

Warm ice LOL.

Lissy said...

How cool...we all had a chuckle about warm ice?
That young man is destined for great things - who else THINKS like he does? (Or perhaps it's his amazing creative parents?)