Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The male mind in relation to the toilet

My 4 year old tag-a-long follows me to the toilet. Nothing new there.

Bubster: "Mummy, where did that green thing on the side of the 'toiyet' come from?"
Me: "I got it at the supermarket. It is to help keep the toilet a bit cleaner. It gets very messy and dirty."
Bubster: "What is it?"
Me: "It's a cleaner that works when one flushes. It helps keep the toilet fresh."
Bubster considers that.

Then: "If I wee'd on it, it probably wouldn't be so fresh anymore, would it."
Me: "Probably not."

Silence. Sort of.......
Me: "What are you doing, mate?"
Bubster: "Weeing on it! I want it's freshness to be destroyed-ed."

And thus begins the lifelong battle of womankind. The battle to keep the toilet clean. My mother offered this advice to 19 year old me upon my first foray into living with my male house mates during art school, "Make sure you clean the toilet. Men are a bit messy."

Yep. So far so true.

Oh and, how can a four year old know already about trying to write his name with his wee? Even before he can write? This week I was summoned to see the effort. "Mummy look! I wrote my name with my wee!!" So proud he was.

Instead of it being in snow like where I grew up, it was in the mulch.



Lissy said...

Oh JOY Karin...

At least I have trained mine to put the seat down so Bonnie & I don't fall in during our midnight wees!

niobe said...

Is it okay that I'm sitting here giggling uncontrollably as I read this?

Karin said...

It is definitely ok to be giggling. I still am. If you could have only witnessed the determination on his face! LMAO!!!

Tracy, mom2many said...

We file those thing under "what I can do with my penis"...

T and J figured out they can make their big this week.

We love to pee on anything at our house.

kate said...