Thursday, May 28, 2009

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The bubster and I love this CD! Today, we had our own little jam session - him on his ukulele, and me on my banjo. We made up our own version of this song - Blow Boys Blow - a song about a Yankee liner, but bub's wanted it to be about pirate ships. And so:

A pirate ship came down the river, Blow boys blow.
The sails they shone like gold and silver, blow my sword boys blow!

And who do you think was the captain of her? Blow boys blow.
Why Redbones was the captain of her, blow my sword boys blow!

And what do you think they had for dinner? Blow boys blow.
Roasted pirates and their livers, blow my sword boys blow!

And how do you know she's a pirate vessel, blow boys blow.
Her skull and crossbones flow above her, blow my sword boy blow!

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