Monday, May 11, 2009


Patches, originally uploaded by karinandmagnus.

In this economic downturn, I think we could all do with a few cool patches like this, don't you think?

I've managed to get 2 whole extra years out of these pants! At size 2, they still fit the bubster at 4 years old. And I think I can stretch them through the winter!

And he looks the cool dude too. :-)


forward tumble said...

We're into patches at the moment, too. We? Well the dh is. He just bought sow-eazy and glues patches on the inside of his jeans, so they look very trendy at the moment, too. I can't possibly take a picture of his backside though ;-)

xx Ines

PS still waiting for the scan of the week :-P

Karin said...

LMAO Ines! Aw shucks, no backside pictures then.... ;-)

Yeah, the scan of the week! I really fallen off the blogging wagon this week. LOL