Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Been dancing again

I've been dancing again. Not modern dance - although I'd like to get myself moving in that direction too - but historical dance. I was invited to attend a second weekly class and have been enjoying myself immensely. I've discovered that I've missed partnering work. I've never done this kind of partnering, in a formal social dance setting, but it still reminds me of when I was in the dance company and how we would have to work things out together. It's a different experience when someone is specifically relying on you. I'm about 100 years older than many of the dancers but hopefully I'm moving too fast for anyone to notice. :-)

Last week we watched this utube video of a group in the US at Stanford performing the Mazurka Quadrille. I enjoyed it so much that I've been watching it daily ever since. I love watching the fabrics flow and the weaving movement.

Our group has been working on the Mazurka and I tell you what, I'm totally puffed afterwards. I really need to do some stamina work if I'm going to do this historic dance stuff! Onto the Nordic Track it is!

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forward tumble said...

wow, yep, yep, yep, girls do a lot more running in this dance than boys, they have the outside track on all the circle moves... puffe-di-puff puff!

Looks like great fun.

I was down at the beach today and there was a good wave and surfers. Gotta get myself back into shape, too! Gotta get back into the water before we move away from here.

xx Ines

PS my word verification is clamy... clamy/sweaty hands... google, google, google... are you snooping?