Thursday, August 27, 2009

Olga and Ida

Olga and Ida, originally uploaded by karinandmagnus.

Finally, a few photos of what I've been making lately.
Spring Fair 09, here we come!


wee-ve said...
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wee-ve said...

Sooooo cute! You are so talented.
Thanks for your warm comment in my blog. I had a baby boy in June. We are all O.K. I have experienced manymany things since I was at risk of threatened premature delivery in April(>_<) I will e-mail you soon and write more detail in it:-)

JustJess said...

These are beautiful!! I love them! You and felt are certainly a good combination. Missed seeing you this week - maybe next week we can catch up for coffee?

Laura said...

Wow, Karin! They are so gorgeous!!! You are incredibly talented :-)

CJCACC's Mom said...

You are sooooo talented! I wish I lived closer to you, so you would teach me how to do an Olga for my girls.


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

They are precious. Just lovely.