Friday, August 21, 2009

The strangest week

The internet is just amazing sometimes, isn't it? This week has proven just how amazing. On Monday, I got a Facebook message from a long lost friend, someone I hadn't spoken with in about 19 years. Hang on, has it really been that long since 1990? Huh!! Ackk! Ok, I just need to sit with that number for a minute.

It was lovely to see her name again but she had the most shocking question to ask me. She had heard second hand that a mutual friend of ours had died and she was so bothered by the news. She wanted to know what I knew - if it was in fact, true. It was like a lightening bolt. No, it can't be!

Our mutual friend had been diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, but the last I spoke with her, things seemed good. That was in April. Immediately I started kicking myself for not calling her since then! Surely I can just pick up the phone more often, couldn't I! How did I let that time go by? Stupid stupid!

I immediately go online to see if I can find something, anything, an obit, something. I find nothing. I tried to call, no answer. I leave what will sound like a very bizarre message.

I wrote back to my long lost friend to tell her what I knew, and asked how she came of this news. It turns out that upon asking about our friend, someone had said to someone else who had said to someone else that she had died 2 years ago. Well, that can't be. I just spoke with her in April.

We both keep calling her with no success. Each day, we each try. Nothing. The only thing I can think is that she is on vacation. Then my friend strikes upon something; by another extraordinary coincidence, she sees our friends sister-in-laws name on someone else's friends list! She writes. No answer. As the days pass, even though we know nothing more, I'm feeling more confident that our friend is fine. But still, I'd like it resolved.

Finally! She hears back from the sister-in-law. Yes, she is fine! Whew!

Isn't that extraordinary? She was able to find me and from entirely different countries, we were able to solve this mystery. And how mind blowing to think there are people in the world who think that our friend has died! That blows me away. The Hubster made a joke and said, "Maybe that is why they've stopped sending Christmas cards." ha ha ha!

I'm just so happy to have my friend safe and sound as I pictured her to be. It brings to mind for me how important it is to have an up-to-date list of people to notify in one's will. Living abroad seems so far away at times.

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laura said...

Don't people spread the strangest rumors? Let's face it, someone heard this poor woman was sick and jumped the gun! I'm glad in the end that all turned out well and now you can keep in touch again. I also hope this lady has the last laugh and lives a long and wonderful life.